Trust Center

CSR Privacy Solutions (CSR) has built our business on the foundation of regulatory and sectoral compliance. We provide products and services designed with privacy, security, and compliance.


CSR believes it is our responsibility to maintain processes and controls to ensure the security of our solutions and the privacy of your data. SOC 2 Certification is a report on controls at a Service Organization relevant to Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality, and Privacy. CSR has been audited on all relevant domains, security, and privacy.


CSR builds security into every solution we offer. Our goal is to deliver solutions that will enhance the security of our end users with a focus on compliance and user awareness. Visit our Security and Privacy Tips at


We strive to give our end users confidence that their data is being stored, transmitted, and processed for legitimate purposes. CSR's assurance involved restricting access and usage to data and assurances that each end user has access and is empowered to manage their consent and be aware of the data collected.


CSR stored the data collected in the United States, European Union, and Australia. By default, your organization and individual data are stored at your closest geographic location. Backups are stored in the United States specifically for use for disaster recovery purposes. Backup files are encrypted and only accessible to a limited number of security professionals.


CSR believes in the privacy of your data, however, at times, we may receive requests from third parties like law enforcement entities, where it may be necessary to share specific information. CSR will only provide access to specific data when compelled by court order. However, CSR will make reasonable efforts to notify the organization or individual of the request prior to fulfillment of the court order, unless legally prohibited to do so.


Transparency is an important aspect of privacy. CSR provides each of its end users with the ability to inquire about the data that is stored specific to their personal data. If you wish to submit a DSAR, please use our DSAR Submission form.